A Review of the Black & Decker Brand

The brand name ‘Black & Decker’ is synonymous with good quality DIY tools. The company has had plenty of time to get things right: it was established in America back in 1910, and since then its range has grown enormously. Today the brand is popular both with DIY hobbyists and with artisans (ie the professionals, who are paid to do the jobs most hobbyists shy away from, or who can rectify the occasional domestic DIY blunders). A sensible philosophy when buying power tools is to avoid the temptation to purchase the very cheapest, unless that particular tool has received large numbers of good customer reviews. Often there is a good reason why power tools are cheap: they may be of inferior construction, or their engineering may have been cutting-edge only in previous centuries. For most of us, buying really expensive power tools would not be an option: the cost of small projects becomes exorbitant with the purchase of high-end tools. Black & Decker power tools tend to fall in the middle of the price range, yet their quality is good, and normally far superior to cheaper tools both in terms of the results they achieve and their longevity.

Black & Decker Power Tool Spares

The Black & Decker range is vast, from the basic corded and cordless drill, through reciprocating saws, sanders, electric screw drivers, power washers, lawn mowers and even steam cleaners. What is particularly useful is that when power tools go wrong (and even the good quality ones will eventually fail if they are in regular use) Black & Decker power tool spares are readily available to order, either online or by telephone. Partshop Direct stocks the most popular spare parts and can dispatch items the day they are ordered; even where parts have to be sourced from the manufacturer they will be delivered to the customer within days. Few of the popular DIY stores stock spare parts for the products they sell, assuming that when a power tool goes wrong, customers will simply throw it out and buy a new one. The availability of spare parts for Black & Decker power tools can extend their life considerably.

Customer reviews for the Black & Decker power tool range

Before buying any new power tool, it is a good idea to check out customer reviews. Black & Decker scores very well, with the vast majority of its power tools achieving at least four out of five stars. For those who lack a degree in engineering, quality power tools for which spares and accessories are readily available makes a lot of sense. The Black & Decker brand fits the bill and is a sensible choice for the novice who aspires to be an artisan.