Power Tool Industry – July 2013

July has been a busy month for the Power Tools Industry with people taking the opportunity to get work done while the sun shines. Gardens are one of the main areas where tools are used during the summer months, with hedge trimmers, strimmers and blowers used to great effect. Cordless tools are ideal for outdoor use, and whether you’re looking for cordless drills, saws or planers to build a shed, or for a cordless blower to tidy up the leaves and debris in your outdoor area there is an amazing range available.

The Safety Argument

As more tools than ever appear to be used during the summer, it’s perhaps timely that the table saw safety argument is in the news again. When the technology to make saws safer with a ‘skin detecting’ device which stops the blade almost immediately when it senses a finger in the way was discovered you would have expected the industry as a whole to jump on the idea. 15 years on and the argument about whether technology should be mandatory is still raging.

Industry leaders argue that the expense of including skin detecting technology in all saw design would mean that the small saw market would be forced out of business as the expense of integrating it into budget tools wouldn’t be cost effective. There have been other problems with the technology and it has been reported that it’s not as fail safe as was first thought and that damp wood, metals and other materials also bring the tool to a halt, resulting in the blade having to be replaced. All these pros and cons, arguments about how effective skin detecting technology actually is and whether it should be compulsory for all saw manufacturers to include it in their tools could easily go on for another 15 years.

Advances in Everyday Cordless Tools

Several years ago it was hard to find a cordless drill that was light enough and powerful enough to be very effective. These days though, with the advent of more powerful batteries and lighter materials, better and more compact Makita cordless drills are big news in the Power Tools market and there are a wide range available from all of the major names. Able to drill all day, with rpm ranging from 1200 to 1500 and weighing just over 2 pounds, these 12 volt beauties are the way forward.

Every home should have one. A hand held cordless screwdriver that can tighten all those annoying screws. Now you can find small cordless screwdrivers with advanced gyroscopic sensors that tell them which way to go, making things like directional switches and trigger switches seem positively outdated. Great little tools for those small jobs around the house.

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