Repairing Power Tools Yourself

Repairing a Power tool

Fixing a broken power tool is far easier than you think thanks to online manuals and the availability of parts online. Broken power tools are also easy to get hold of if you ask around. Also, repairing broken Makita power tool spares is much better for the environment and prevents unnecessary waste.

Common power tool parts that break

The parts of a power tool that usually breaks are the brush, switch, drive belt, power cord or battery.

The drive belt is usually the first part of a power tool to break if it uses one. You can tell if the drive belt has broken if the motor still spins without the tool operating as it should. All takes to fix a drive belt is opening the side cover of the tool, which should reveal the belt. If it has snapped you can then order a new one online by either searching for the part number if you can find it out, or searching for the drive belt for the particular power tool. It is then just a case of replacing the belt.

Tools such as angle grinders use brushes that can also be easily repaired. Brushes tend to wear out over time, and the power will decrease in performance until it is dead completely. Most good tools will have a plastic cover where you can access the brushes. If they are worn you can easily replace them with new brushes that you can find online.

A common part that breaks on a tool with a very powerful motor is the switch. A quality power tool with have a rubber cover over the switch. If you peel it back you can pull out the switch and take a look at its condition. Finding a new switch online with the tools model number and installing it is easy, and you will give your power tool a whole new lease of life!

Dead drills and older tools are could easily have a broken power cord. It is difficult to know exactly where the damaged wires are located inside the cord, but it is possible to source a new power cord and splice it onto the existing cord at the end closest to the tool.

So, there is usually no reason why a broken power tool should be thrown away rather than repaired. Repairing a broken power tool is often very straightforward and will save you money, as well as prevent the environmental harm caused by throwing it in the garbage.

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