10 Unusual Power Tool Facts


Here are some unusual fact about power tools

1. The U.S. space programme is to be thanked for developing the cordless power drill. It was developed so that the astronauts would be able to collect core samples from the moon’s surface. The original tool was like a hand held vacuum combined with a drill.

2. The Guinness world record for the number of rotations on a power drill that is hanging from a ceiling is 141. It was set in 2007 by a man in Germany.

3. A jigsaw is a power tool as well as a puzzle. It is used for cutting all types of materials in unusual shapes.

4. Female cicadas are attracted to the sounds of power tools. Anyone using a power tool outside will soon become swarmed with them. Power tools should only be used early in the morning or close to dusk in regions where cicadas are common as these are the periods when the insects are the least active.

5. Brain surgery can be carried out with an ordinary power drill. A doctor in the Australian outback was able to relive a patient’s brain haemorrhage by drilling into his skull with a power drill. Surgeons in cash strapped countries such as Moldova or Ukraine have used DIY power tools as they have been unable to pay for the correct medical equipment.

6. Hu Qiong, a kung fu master, was able to hold a power drill to his stomach and throat for some minutes without sustaining any injury. He demonstrated the tool’s function by drilling through wood, metal and plastic to prove that he was not cheating. He is also able to catch a powered electric saw without switching it off.

7. Power drills make rock music. A rock band from San Francisco, Mr. Big, was the first to use a power drill to strum a guitar and a double bass on their album ‘Lean into it’. However, the musicians cautioned against doing this at home as hair can get caught in the drill and may cause injury.

8. Power tools and DIY equipment are the third most common items divorcing couples in Scotland will fight over. A survey among divorce lawyers in Scotland found that the first items to be disputed were sex toys followed by points on loyalty cards such as Nectar. Pets and bedding were only the fourth and fifth most common items to be disputed.

9. Power drills are cocktails as well as tools. These consist of one part vodka, one part orange juice topped up with a splash of cool beer.

10. A British man’s favourite power tool is the jet washer. Although the power drill used to be the favourite, it lost popularity because drilling is not an end in itself but part of a much larger job, such as putting up shelves, pictures or assembling furniture. The jet washer, on the other hand, can be used for hours at a time and is an end in itself. Adding to its popularity is the fact that it can be combined with washing the car, another favourite tool among British men.

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