Essential Tools You Will Need For Your Garden This Spring

With the warmer weather now upon us thoughts turn to the garden. The grass, shrubs, plants and flowers all need attention and in order to care properly for your garden you will need the appropriate tools, such as spades, shears and strimmers. Everyone enjoys a good looking garden and with the right garden tools you can create the perfect outdoor space to relax and entertain friends and family. For children who like to play outside during the summer months nothing is better than a well-cared for garden to give them the space to enjoy their games in comfort and safety.

Strimmers Can Ensure a Great Lawn
Strimmers are necessary for ensuring an even finish to your lawn. You can find a wide range of strimmer accessories here to ensure a great looking garden, with all the top names available, including products from Black and Decker, DeWalt, Elu and Makita.

During the warmer months grass grows more quickly, hedges spring up and plants can grow wild. These all need cutting back, pruning and trimming on order to maintain the health of your garden and ensure it keeps looking in good condition. Strimmers are of particular importance and it is vital to ensure your strimmer has the right accessories to do the job, such as strimmer cover spool caps, toothed strimmer drive belts, actuator levers, strimmer guards and spools.

We stock a wide range of spools for strimmers, with different lengths and shapes including round trim and square trim, so whatever your needs you can find the right spool for the job. Choose from different spool lengths, from just 15 metres to a generous 279 metre, depending upon the needs of your garden. Of course when using a strimmer the spool needs a cap to ensure it wears well and does not get broken or worn down. The range of spool caps means there is the ideal cap to fit your strimmer.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job
When cutting the grass or trimming the hedges, you need to right tools to ensure a good result. Not only do inadequate tools produce a poor result they can also be dangerous. Power tools especially can be highly dangerous in the wrong hands or if the tool is not suited to the job at hand. Browse our selection of tools to ensure you have the correct one for your needs.

Batteries are perhaps one of the most necessary accessories for all power tool enthusiasts and our range means you need never run out of power again. It is also desirable to always have a set of replacement blades to hand when using tools so that if you blunt a blade or break it you can slot a new one into place and get back into the garden. Blades required for garden jobs can range from blades for power saws including circular saws, while we also stock blades for other tools, including planers and routers.

Other useful accessories include grinding discs for grinders and more specialist tools such as nail guns. While you are looking for the ideal tools to complete your DIY stores, why not consider some other garden essentials to ensure you are always prepared, such as chop saws, pruners, sanders, spray guns, drills, jigsaws, lawn rakers, weeders, screw drivers, power brooms and of course the good old staple, the Black and Decker workmate.

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